Saturday, October 3, 2009

there is a full moon tonight. amid the sensatory chaos in this ever-more-complex-world i happened to notice. thank God. off to Ojai to join in a full moon ceremony.

the laundry heap lingers beckoning action in a corner, duty calls, a thousand chores for simnple survival beckon. they can wait for now although the morning found me vacuuming and cleaning counters and lavatories to start the week on a fairly tidy note. once in a while one has to stop and put some order, sort things out, take a deep breath, just breathe in and breathe out, realx without giving things too much thought.

yes, i pursue beauty for only beauty is truth & truth beauty. i chase it. i listen to it, i taste it. i read it. i smell it, i undig it, anything to be present in the bounty of life, fleeing the ugly side of life as fast as i can and as far removed from it as i can.

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eralamaga said...

Que lindas palabras!!!La luna llena con toda la inspiracion! Aca tiene halo...ojala llueva, que hace mucha falta!
saludos, Lucia