Tuesday, October 27, 2009

burning the candle at both ends, literally since i haven't sold a thing in a week other than some supplies. trying so hard to save enough for my trip which is an eccentricity to begin with this year but i miss my mother so and must get down south to see my land before the native trees take over. oh well, it's either feast or famine on etsy and with more and more vendors, it's getting really hard to get noticed no matter how many tricks i've conjured.

here is a handmade journal i made and another tag as i finish off my day, droopy-eyed and ready for my before-falling-asleep reading. I'm reading Confessions of a Catholic Girlhood. I've always loved how Mary McCarthy writes; she is a master at using vocabulary in her descriptions. War & Peace I will take a break from since I've read over 100 pages of battlefield descriptions and i need to give it a rest.


Jo Archer said...

I know what you mean about Etsy. i've only made 2 sales, and that was to a friend! i only leave my stuff there because it's cheap to list.

I'm surprised you don't get more sales; your work is so lovely!

Oh well, we keep plodding on.

Jan said...

I've left messages on your Flickr site, but again I'll say these are fabulous! The journal is stunning. Good luck with your sales my friend.

ale said...

querida constanza!!!!!!!qué divina esa niña en tu collage!!!!estoy emocionada con tus comentarios y tus palabras!!! ...no encuentro tu mail en el blog,puede ser?...pero mi direccion es

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Carola Zajdman said...

Hola !! qué divino ese corazón alado, súper lindo.
Disfrutá tu viaje, Chile es tan lindo !!

Laura said...

Hello beautiful soul, yes things are slow everywhere right now I'm afraid, hopefully things will pick up soon...on a side note, I too have started to read at nite as a way to disconnect and unwind. so glad I'm taking time for it, it was long overdue....