Thursday, October 15, 2009

...and then i got a second wind, dyed my hair, played house as in washing dishes, sweeping, taking out trash, paying bills and putting some of the art supplies away in their little cubbies. but still my creative mind kept saying, three more hours till bedtime, you're on a roll and they don't come often like today so why not try some fimo clay creativity.
and boy was i surprised. messy, cumbersome (because they require lots of layers of mediums)but what a result. i love them. ofcourse i wanted to finish them and drilled holes in them knowing i had some brass jump rings somewhere. Murphy is hiding them, i know he is. I turned the house upside down and could not find them. ofcourse i found the silver and gold ones but those aren't the ones i needed for these pendants. ooooo was i p....... but what am i complaining about... i have Micheals down the street, not two blocks from my home. i'll share them finished once they are all assembled properly, this is just a sneak preview for now.

1 comment:

eralamaga said...

me encantaron!
sobretodo el believe y la ramita de la derecha! muy lindos!