Friday, October 2, 2009

fRiDa vIvE

sometimes I think i,m totally crazy to dive into a project that completely takes over my entire day. it only took me 6 hours. i had always wanted to do a frida tribute and this piece is so filled with love. the picture really doesn't do it justice.

i am still working around the clock to have enough things for displaying on october 18 at the art fair. last night i went to bed past 3:30 a.m but was lucky THE GRAPES OF WRATH was on TCM, what photography and what a story. black and white film is so powerful.

i am a little scared abot the fair; i'm very shy when it comes to the face to face showing of my work.


eralamaga said...

Esta buenisimo! No tengas miedo!! Y yo estoy del otro lado de los Andes.En Cordoba. Ya te agregue como seguidora, asi no nos perdemos!
Besos, y mucha suerte en la feria!!!

Jan said...

Dont be scared my friend... I know you will do amazingly well and all your hard work will pay off.
This is a beautiful piece created with love.

Laura said...

Love your latest pieces, and I adore anything Frida!

I have a feeling you are going to do great at that fair - just let your passion for your work shine through and be yourself, that is ENOUGH dear soul :>


PeregrineBlue said...

Thank you all for the encoraeging words. I am feeling a bit better about the whole fair affair now that I have lots of things to sell. I have made a concerted effort to make things in all shapes and sizes so that people can afford them.

ale said...

hola constanza...ME ENCANTOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!ESTA TAN TAN LINDO!!!!!!TODOS LOS DETALLES!!!!!!!super super!!!!!!!!es hermoso hermosísimo lo que eso tenés que estar más que segura!!!!!!miles de besos!!!!!!!!!

Judy said...

What a gorgeous piece - I love it.
Thanks for commenting on my blog too xo