Monday, October 19, 2009

other than the fact that it was 90 degrees in the shade on sunday, my experience of a face to face street fair was fantastic. i loved setting up shop and putting together my little corner, reminiscent of the art fairs from the 60's and 70's before all the imports. the day went by in a flash; there must have been a million people there, and all the dog breeds imaginable. i barely had time to lunch and only once did i wander off to talk to the other vendors to see what others are making and how they were doing in sales. unfortunately many of them didn't even get their booth fees back. i was very fortunate to come out ahead a few hundred dollars, mostly sold my smaller items.

i met the most wonderful people. in particular, one woman, Geri, who came back four times, each time bringing back her friends and family. i befriended her immediately since she is starting a new Charter School in Thousand Oaks and we had a lot to talk about. the picture of her here does her no justice since she is really pretty. she was definitely my biggest fan together with a younger girl (no pic) who also came back twice and bought three items from me, taking my card to spread the word. these were the rewards of the day.

then there was the surprise appearance of my brother who came to give me moral support. he was so funny, luring customers in saying: look, look what my sister made", he was a charmer. he never fails to surprise me with his unconditional love.

i wish i had time to take more pictures and hope my friend veronica has more on her camera to share with me when she returns from Berkeley where she headed monday after the show to see her daughter. she, too sold quite a few of her photographs and cards, but not as expected profit wise since the booth fee was very high.

setting up at 7:00 a.m after getting there at 6:00 a.m actually seeing the sun rise.

veronica's photos

and now my gear shifts completely to the planning of my one month trip to CHILE CHILE LINDO, LINDO COMO UN SOL


jan54wil said...

Great photos and your displays were wonderful!
sad to hear the sales weren't better. :-(

Jan said...

It all looks so wonderful and I'm so glad you did well after all the effort you've put in over the past few weeks.

eralamaga said...

que lindo lugar para ir a pasear!!!!

Threadhead said...

I am so glad you enjoyed it! It looks wonderful!
And I totally feel what you feel, as I too plan my trip to Uruguay!

ale said...

querida constanza!!como me hubiera encantado ir a tu feria!!!!!yo hubiese sido otra fan haciendo competencia con geri!!!!!re lindas las fotos!!!!!!!!!todo lindísimo...muchísima gente!!!asique te vas 1 mes a chile!!!!!!que lindo!!!espero que disfrutes mucho mucho y que descanses y te llenes de lo más lindo de tu chilelindo!!!!!!miles de besos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura said...

Fabulous!! So happy for you that your hard work paid off, I just knew it would :>


chad-roscoe said...

So sorry I missed you! We were so stressed over our referral! We were useless. It looks wonderful!

Carola Zajdman said...

Qué lindas cosas, súper creativas, genial !!!