Thursday, February 21, 2008

Guess what I got in the Mail today?

I am awe struck, dumbfounded, eccstatic, jumping for joy and weeping at the same time with Jodi's gift to me. My package arrived suddenly and surprisingly this morning with a knock on the door. It was a heavy box and huge. I fumbled desperately to get it open since I knew it was Jodi's handmade journal just for ME. But I was never expecting so much dedication; it is a work of art.

I just sat there staring at it, nodding my head in disbelief. She had worked each and every page with the utmost care and tenderness, thinking of what I like, what I cherish most in life. I still cannot believe it. It will remain a cherished treasure for me to look at over and over again, write in, add my poems and trip photos.

I FEEL SO LOVED! These are the cherished moments in Life that we never forget.

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