Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spring is in the Air

I don't recall having a more beautiful Winter in California. Mostly sunny skies with puffy clouds and the chills only at nightfall. And finally rain for a couple of straight weeks, the perfect rain we walked under and cherished looking at through the windows. Spring will be green, crisp and multi-colored.

In spite of the ominous threats this horrendous government has given us, I feel a Hope that by tightening our belts, we will return to simpler things and unite to rescue our country from a materialsm that is out of control. Time to really look at America, care for it, love it, give back.

I have been doing my share, looking up native California trees to plant at my friend's Upper Ranch in Somis, a promise he has not kep and will finally happen.

And ofcourse making ART, day in, day out. There are days I don't get to bed 'till midnight. Yet these were the hands I was given.


Julie said...

It is a beautiful winter..I agree. I've been researching native landscaping options too! You're 100% correct...people need to start doing their part. Time to stop talking..and start doing. Cheers!

Jodi Barone said...

"Yet these were the hands I was given." Beautiful line.....the start of a poem? Or perhaps a poem's last words.