Thursday, February 14, 2008

New found Heroe-Richard Branson

Charlie Rose, himself one of my favorite people, interviewed (Sir) Richard Branson the other night on PBS and by that star that guides me I happened to flip the channel right as the interview was beginning. I had caught glimples of Richard on TV, had fallen in love with his Island in the Caribbean and his casual, barefoot mentality in spite of his success. A few more interviews and he had sunk in. Today, I have glorified him. Ofcourse he is intelligent, which gives him an incredible sex appeal. OK, I admit that was what first caught my eye. Yet, what strikes me the most is his awareness. He has that rare gift of understanding his giftedness and transcending the ego. Now that he is rich, he understands he has "a great responsibility to use that money for the betterment of the world." Listening to him that night on Charlie Rose really made him one of my new-found-heroes.

"Please, Sir, I want some MORE".

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