Monday, June 9, 2014

time does really fly when you are having fun. 
for a while there i did not leave the studio, painting, painting, painting as i delved deeper into all i had learned from full circle workshop and all the new roads it had led me down.

so in between more plantings in the garden and more hangings in the kitchen i just kept at it, surprised at what was coming forth from my subconscious.
paperclay included
and some collage after a long time not enjoying it
and a new discovery.... plain paper and pencil drawings
and a random postcard for a friend in england
I have used a lot of blue
and red
experimenting with a bit of storytelling in my paintings, gradually going bigger
and finally finished this piece on wood and selling it

recycling boxes to make another gift for yet another friend titled "love the giver"

a true reflexion of a mixed media artist

i keep running out of time for making all that i would like

but i am filled with gratefullness that i am able to paint at all.


Sherri B. said...

Absolutely beautiful...! I sent you an email a couple of days ago - have you received it? I sent it to the email provided here on your blog profile. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work. I always leave feeling inspired!

Priti.Lisa said...

i always ALWAYS leave here feeling like i can conquer the world! you never, ever disappoint...always an inspiration XoX

lynne h said...

how did i miss this post - and the one after?! crazy!

oh constanza, i love everything here sooo much. as lisa said, you *never* disappoint. your sweet energy just pours from each piece...


Louise rottier said...

That mixed media piece on wood that you sold is wonderful!

Katey said...

Amazing beauty. So happy with my beautiful pieces. Thank you again and again. Katey