Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I DID it

two weeks....that is all i had between a visit from my creative friend Nola to the actual event. before i knew it, i had said yes to what SHE believed to be shareable about me. during those two weeks preparing i had doubts more than anything due to the time pressure but something told me this was a challenge and i went full throttle. And I DID IT. 
i had a friend build me two display walls to hang my art on, much like an art gallery. and i took a thing of live green with me in the form of lemon balm to show my respect for the Life force that ultimately motivates all I do.
so there i was, pushing myself to reveal through my available work, who i was, what i meant to share, what i meant to say and i worked night and day, amidst the chaos of daily life until i was able to put a decent display together.

the above are two pieces that sold
we spent many an hour sifting through my previous work for printable material but, surprisingly, it was my originals that sold, one woman in particular by the name of rachel buying four of them

i am going through a house form phase
as you can see both in my painting and my stitching
and the flowers in my garden

i stitched, i pasted, i painted, i collaged, i printed and packed, framed and boxed everything right in the nick of time.
all for the
of Art and spreading culture.

courageous me!


jenclair said...

Congratulations! I wish I could have attended your show!

maría cecilia said...

You did it courageous you!!! love you!!

p.s. la mujer con el loto en agnya chakra me fascinaaaaaaaa

It's me said...

Love the things you make.....love that love sign......x !

lila said...

Lovely work! Do you still have the charming girl with two butterflies for sale?
Susan K

lynne h said...

you are brave - and beautiful! and so is what you make!!


PeregrineBlue said...

Yes i do, but it's whimsical. I have the angel ready for you too. The blue angel print. I hope i'm not cinfusing you with someone else. I will list in my etsy shop tomorrow for you. Blessings, C

Sharon de Jager said...

Follow you on IG and finally found your blog. Love your work, so ethereal, so beautiful, so organic. Wishing your well as you continue to create such beautiful pieces or art. Sharon x

PeregrineBlue said...

thank you sharon, really appreciate you taking the time to search for my blog. making things is my language. can't let a day go by without something brewing in the art room.

Louise said...

Hello. I follow you on ig of course but forgot you have a blog too! Yay...more to look at and be inspired by. 😊

kathyd said...

2 weeks ! i had no idea . you did good . everything looked wonderful .

PeregrineBlue said...

Thank you Louise, what is your name on Instagram? I can't find you.

PeregrineBlue said...

Thank you Kathy, crazy about your stitching you know. And your latest weaving is so inspiring for me. I am trying to finish projects and list more items in my shop which I have so neglected. Much love to little Lee Lee. Love her.

Katey said...

Such beautiful art. Im proud of you.