Tuesday, July 29, 2014

of late, it has been all about finishing projects that have been set aside, many times with just a tiny corner to be stitched or painted.
and framing some of the work i want to display in our home.
and listing a few others in my much-neglected etsy shop.
you see i have so many varied artistic interests that i sometimes get sidetracked launching new projects.
so i have started a pad with a list of the things i REALLY want to make. ofcourse, i continue to stray once in a while, as when i stopped one night to sew this indigo beaded moth.
it ultimately went on to win an award on flickr's explore with over 12 thousand views worldwide.
or when i stopped to paint this sympathy note for the tragedy of MH 17 for my dutch friend Hans Peter.
i have also been putting together some packages to thank a number of friends who have sent me some wonderful handmade gifts, such as lynne hoppe who sent me a couple of originals
and rebecca brooks who sent me the most gorgeous saughtered double-sided shrine ro hang from my ceiling fan
in turn, her gifted prompted me to stitch these scapulars
but i've also been catching up with the garden

and walks on the beach
and still hanging up pictures in the house
and tidying up the studio

i need more time. lots more time because
just love love to create.

what do you think of this new technique i ventured into? my daughter and son are both modernists and i wanted to make tatiana something for her apartment. what a contrast to what i usually paint huh?
i leave you with this beautiful creation from my friend Julie Ippoliti
proof once again that we are all a gift to each other. 
as my friend hans peter so wisely write to me the other day
"This 'us & them' finds its roots, i believe, in the illusion that there is a separate 'me'. The older I get, the more i realuze: i am you, i am this bird, i am this tree, i am this stone."


Julie said...

What a beautiful post. Your creations are more lovely than ever and, as always, so completely inspiring. thank you so much for featuring my piece. what an honor and I'm so grateful for our friendship. <3

jenclair said...

More pretty things! It is easy to get sidetracked, but that can be fun, too.

Priti.Lisa said...

soothing and beautiful...
your artwork.
for you
and your courage.
you made the art fair
♥ ♥ ♥

Mar said...

Vengo aqui a llenarme de ese espiritu creativo que te esta saliendo por todos los poros de tu piel.
Ojala todo me quedara asi de entretenido y lindo como a ti, mi querida Violeta Parra Californiana!

Katey said...

Did I know you had a blog??? I am so happy that I do now. I kept your address to mail you a thank you note for your most awesome gift to me and I can not find it. I know I saved the whole box! I love your art work and your thoughts written here. So very glad to call you my friend. Katey

KathyB. said...

It was so good to hear from you again. Your nice words to me and seeing your beautiful creations reminded me I have missed you !

You really are very creative in so many mediums !