Friday, June 6, 2014

so we celebrated a birthday....tatiana turned 27 on a bittersweet note since she is going through a rough spot right now.  but she was happy, we were happy and best of all, we were together.
martin is back from chile after five arduous months working on his vacation home in puerto varas so it was a double celebration.  
she got two cakes!
it has been a strange couple of weeks; so so many of my friends going through some pretty serious problems.  so i have been sad for them, supportive and involved.  very little creativity other than more around the house and plenty in the garden.
embracing the simple joys. our butterfly bush has summoned the monarchs and bees and the occasional hummingbird and i have literally sat outside observing them for hours, calming the soul of so
much distress.
can be so fleeting....up and down that path we go in a pendulum of challenges.
but then the magic speaks its secret language and we know all's right in the end.


kathyd said...

amen! i am ready for some peaceful days.

Storybook Woods said...

Happy Birthday Tatiana, it looks like it was a yummy one. Clarice

Melody Brown said...

What a fun Time Tatiana seems to of had. yum.

Melody Brown said...

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Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I think I was meant to visit you today. You had left a message on an old post - about my son, Jordan. SO I clicked on the link and I read your beautiful post. Sending you lots of love today and prayers you are ok. Your beautiful Tatiana...happy birthday.

Big hugs,