Tuesday, March 6, 2012

tag tuesday


when i was a little girl, every weekend my father would take us to our beach house on the coast of chile just so we could wake up at the crack of dawn to go bird watching. his favorites were pelicans although at home we settled for a parrot named clotilde. so my love of birds began at a very early age.

i never became an ornithologist like my father but developed my own personal love of birds through poetry and art. as a matter of fact, my favorite quote is from a poem by pablo neruda and i have used it repeatedly over the years in many of my creations and even at the heading of my ebay listings years ago.

i had purchased this quite expensive enameled button of a bird quite a while ago and didn't know what to use it for until carolyn's challenge. since it is so dainty, i opted for a fabric tag. it is rather long and skinny and i love how it turned out with all the different fabric elements i found for it.

....and here is an old picture of me at the beach house observing clotilde as we often took her out of her cage to converse with.


maría cecilia said...

impresionante lo que hiciste connie!!! demasiado lindo!!

me encanta esa foto de tu infancia..

ps. por favor, puedes sacar las palabras clave que ponen antes de poder hacerte el comentario, las odio!!!!

Mandy Prowse said...
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Feltbug said...

Hello - such a beautiful photograph and some lovely links on your blog - thankyou!