Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the colors of peace

created for tag tuesday challege
goose egg blue or goosey

it is a common thing lately to see and read about how many of us are starting to slow down
when it comes to blogging.  and i am one of them. not that blogging has lost its momentum or that i have lost interest; on the contrary, i love to share and contribute to the world out there in any form or shape i can.  but i need more peace and less frazzle, more time to actually DO than talk about it.  so i have decided to do what a lot of us are doing, a monthly or maybe bi-monthly post about the goings on in my world so i can create more, share with my family and plan that spring roadtrip we've so anxiously been awaiting. especially now that spring is no longer insinuating itself but has arrived.

 and the seedlings are starting to sprout
and i can take those much awaited two hour walks.

like yesterday's

where it felt like i had the beach all to myself

after several days of torrential rains

digital collage i made for the subject of exploring
i can be an explorer again
and get involved in the issues that interest me
like the issues in the patagonia
"it takes a village" or "aysen se levanta"
houses made with empty cigarette boxes
to support the 11th. region of chile which is going through a lot of political turmoil right now.
patagonia protest

well, what i'm trying to say i guess, is that posting takes a long time, and a lot of energy goes into editing the photographs and chosing the right words. and i'm kind of not liking spending so much time in front of the computer.  the whole universe interests me, yes, but, my universe and my love story are too important to me. i will limit my browsing hours to flickr, where i began, and to no more than 30 minutes on pinterest.
let's see if i keep my resolve


audrey said...

I will miss your beautiful posts, Constanza, and will look forward to the times that you do post. I understand your desire to spend less time on the computer ~ it steals time from us. However, I am grateful for the web because it brought several wonderful new friendships into my life. If not for Blogging, I would have never met the beautiful person that you are.
I am still waiting for you to send me your new address, Constanza, so I can send you a little something I have for you. Here is my email address for you to use, please:
I hope you find the peace you are in search of, Constanza. I hope we can continue to stay in touch.
♥ audrey

OhSoVintage said...

I do understand exactly what you are saying. Your posts are amazing (I don't always comment but I do look at most of them). The editing of your wonderful photos must take ages and be very time consuming. I will miss so many of your posts but will look forward to when you do. Enjoy the newly acquired time that you will now have on your hands and enjoy all the beautiful things around you (as you so obviously do).
Ruth xx

Marcela para Colorin Colorado said...

I'll miss you and very selfishly want you to come back but at the same time I get it. Will be here when you decide it's time! LOVE YOU!!!

Mar said...

Mi querida Violeta Parra Californiana, estamos en el mismo sentir, wow, llevo dias sin poner cosas en mi blog porque estoy creando a full. Claro lo mio es tejer, pero no importa, estoy creando y escribir en el blog toma tiempo, sobretodo si quieres agregarle fotografias.

Asi que crea y sigue creando, que a ti, eso se te da super bien. Me encantan tus fotos y te recuerdo, el abrazo, tu pareja, la tati, que lindos recuerdos.
Como sigues de la espalda? me emocione de ver tus plantitas saliendo al sol.
Creo que voy en Mayo por algunos dias, asi como de pasada, no por eso no te ire a ver, pero nos ponemos de acuerdo mas adelante.

jenclair said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this, but I do understand. I think blogging can both aid and hinder creative output.

I love the inspiration and the camaraderie of blogging, but the time it requires is substantial.

☼Carolina Artesanías☼ said...

great post
I´m chilean!

Jenxo said...

beautiful post , your pictures are wonerful.....yes we all spend too much time on the computer , ive cut mine back too....i loved your tag tooo...thought it was beautiful...

Georgianna said...

I read this with great interest, Constanza. I think you are wise to make these changes and I do understand. Of course it is wonderful to hear from you and have your news when you can share it. In the meantime, enjoy every minute and know that I wish you all the very best!

xo – g

Boxoftrix said...

beautiful soft colours in your tag :)
My little one planted sunflower seeds less than a week ago and already they are sprouting! its lovely to watch spring unfold. I wish you much creative space in your new approach x

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