Sunday, April 10, 2011

upstairs, downstairs, a world made in english

and back to english it is today because today is a historical "englishness" day on public broadcasting.

upstairs downstairs is BACK!  my favorite tv series of all time together with brideshead revisited is going a second round and jean marsh is in it again.  jean, as you may recall, was the originator of the original series back in the 70's (which i incidentally own, all of it from start to finish, one of the most expensive gifts i've ever given myself and well worth it). i'm ecstatic!
"Upstairs Downstairs," several decades later remains the most famous and fondly remembered series in the history of PBS' prestigious "Masterpiece Theatre."
The late Alistair Cooke, host of Masterpiece Theatre, remarked at the time Upstairs Downstairs ran it's last episode that May 1, 1977, should be declared a national day of mourning.

In that spirit, then, perhaps today should be declared a national day of rejoicing — because almost 34 years later, "Upstairs Downstairs" has returned.

if you're a fan, (and you should be) i'd love to hear what your favorite characters were, favorite chapters, scenes, clothing, customs, anything. 
my favorite characters were Mrs. Bridges, the cook and Rose and Sarah ofcourse and Thomas, well you get the idea.  i devoured the wholeness of it. 


parTea lady said...

I'll be tuning in tonight to watch Upstairs Downstairs. I didn't see much of the original series.

I did recently watch Downton Abbey and really enjoyed that series.

Alice said...

No llegué a conocerlas... pero me declaro fanática de las series inglesas.. tiene una cosa como "cruda", no se explicar, como real, un poco freak, que me encanta... de chica veía unas series de novelas clásicas teatralizadas ( que todos en casa encontraban foooomes!), y ya de grande, los realities, y series de humor ("ingles") me cautivan... incluso el único programa de cocina que veo, Nigella, es inglés. Me parece tan curioso porque no es que me guste el pais en si, si no más bien el modo, la forma... que la televisión logra mostrar!!

maría cecilia said...

primera vez que la escucho... no puedo responder tu pregunta!! pero sí decir que lo que a chile llegaba mi favorita de todos los tiempos fue La Hechizada"!!!
abrazos amiga

KathyB. said...

You know, I have never seen even one episode of this series, but given your excitement over it I think I should check into it.The last episode ran one month after our oldest son was born , not so long ago?

Kathy said...

This is very interesting! Love the Masterpiece theater and I think I may have caught one of these episodes - will surely look for it!