Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Flickr Explore Honorable Mention

i got news today that my photo from my last post was chosen as one of the most "interesting" photos of the past 7 days on flickr explore. how cool is that? and what an ego booster.  to be included under the title "interestingness" is more than i could ask for. my photo is the last on page 19  but this morning it was the first on page 22 so i think they move them around a bit. in any case, it's there somewhere. my mind's eye.... included with the likes of
and zdenko
this really made my day

and speaking of honorable mentions i mention
sandra barrozo
please, please take a look at her altered art

she happened upon my store on etsy and purchased a couple of things from me to go to argentina
and that's how our acquaintance and soon to be friendship began


maría cecilia said...

Connie, hace tan bien obtener un reconocimiento así!!!....pero, amiga, fui al link y no veo tu foto....

Melina said...

hola conni, muchas gracias por tu visita,adore conocerte,muchas felicidades y bessos

raquel said...


maría cecilia said...

jajajaja!!!! ahora siiiii!!!!

sandra said...

gracias Constanza!!! qué lindo que te gusten mis cosas...
tenía bastante abandonado el blog, y tu mensajito me ha motivado para "refrescarlo" un poco!

abrazo desde las montañas argentinas

audrey said...

Congratulations, Constanza!!! You are very deserving of this. You post some fabulous photographs!!
Much love ♥ audrey

eli said...

Un merecido mimo, Connie!