Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i believe i was one of the lucky first to begin using flickr back in the day. i can't even remember when it all started really but i do remember it was all tied to my beginnings on ebay and then my switch to etsy.  there, on flickr, friends gradually began to flock around me.  i remember one of my first was jo from australia and through her i met firuzan from turkey.  these two women are kindred spirits, part of the yaya sisterhood as jo would say.  jo is playful and funny, an inventor of stories around her backyard pond, and a true kitchen aficionado.  ofcourse she dresses up

and plays house, serving fairy cakes and lemonade to all who enter her vintage laden home.

  jo is the funny one. 

firuzan, on the other hand, is the lady, feminine to the hilt, soft, gentle and never out of place. 

she, too weaves stories around her rose filled garden, making the most amazing papier mache dolls ever.

and her mother makes rose jam, can you believe? these friends i share with you today, enjoy.

the most beautiful thing about these friends is that i have never met tem in person yet they always remember me, always write to me, always fill me.

more about my chilean friends to come and the many others all over the world thanks to this incredible tool called the inter-net.


Laura said...

Hello beautiful soul, how are you? Thanks so much for stopping by awhile ago and commenting on my Vegas trip, it was waayy too short :) Yes I agree the web has opened many 'portals' for all of us, you've shared some real loveliness here in this post....


maría cecilia said...

No me pierdo de conocer a tus amigas, por lo que ya muestras siento que me voy a encontrar con un mundo de fantasìa que me va a encantar!!!
Aquì estoy escribiendo con los preciosos guantes que me regalaste, estoy feliz!! y son justo lo que me hacìa falta, un toque rùstico elegante para mis manos de trabajadora de la tierra.
Gracias, muchas gracias... y me encantò conocerte!!
Maria Cecilia

PeregrineBlue said...

Cecilia: Despierto con cafecito en mano a este hermoso mensaje tuyo. Tambien feliz de haberte conocido. Nuestro encuentro fue ideal. Mucho mas que construir en el camino. Un abrazo calientito ya que amanecio lloviendo otra vez. Ojala no luueva manana y podamos irnos de cachureo.

oldflowers4me said...

im going to cry...you beautiful girl..i dont see myself..like you do..thankyou so much......i hope all is well in your world...

Firuzan said...

Hello Beautiful Constanza, thank you so much for your wonderful gesture and thougtfull. i2m very impressed by your sweet kindness.. flickr is great place truly. and i think, it is like a school. we learn a lot of wonderful things from each others & worlds and we know & meet wonderful friends. i never think it is just to show artworks. there are many wonderful persons & kindred spirits there. like you. yeah Jo was my first friend here. of her magical & fun fairy cake pond was lovely meeting place for all of us : ) and i love all sweet yaya girls too..lucky us. world is the big place however it is very small at the same time..
dear Constanza i love all of our fun photos. they made me smile a lot : ) and especially i love my mom photo too and i told her you & your lovely gesture. she was very happy : )
thank you so much from the bottom of my heart beautiful soul. i hope & wish one day we could create fun tea party with you & together. happy to know you.
sending best wishes & love and sweet kisses to your way
always your friend