Saturday, June 12, 2010

yesterday was a good day. i spent most of the day with my darling neighbor Paty, her husband Miguel and her mother in law Nini lunching, teaing and in between learning new tricks on the crochet and knitting needles. Nini made homemade scones to accompany her also homemade apricot preserves. 

the surpise at tea, though, was that i had been talking away about my memory o the best streudel i hav ever eaten which happened to be in the zocalo in oaxaca few years bak and lo and behold she escapes to the kitchen and re-appears with a slice,coincidence of the gifts of life?
Paty added her know-how by teaching me how to make these little winter booties/slippers, and easy pattern easily stitched in an average of 4 hours.  i can now make a lot of my wee friends happy.

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