Monday, June 9, 2008

Free Again

(Shuttle Bug by Stephanie Rubiano)

Oh what a feeling of freedom. So many wonderful things happening in my new found journey. Jorge Salas called me all the way from Chile and we talked all about the past and his four failed marriages and how he loved me so at one time and the two daughters he has. One is named Canela Jesus, what a gorgeous name. I thought the creation pictured here may look a bit like her.

Visited my love Bill in Santa Barbara over the weekend. breakfast in bed, walks to have a night shot of wheat grass and a good movie (US Marshalls-I love Tommy Lee Jones) on the telly. Then a Cajun breakfast out on the town and back to sit and chat on the couch over coffee and friendship. Glorious after the droll of the last few months in Camarillo.

Saturday eve drove clear across the mountains into Topanga Canyon to visit Martin and Andrea. It was Andrea's birthday and all her friends from the canyon were there. Everybody brought some sort of home made salad or dish and I fell in love with Seth's seeweed, carrot and avocado salad. I must have repeated myself three times. Love music and dancing and a quiet night in that beautiful California place. Couldn't quite fall asleep so picked up one of Martin's books Son's and Lovers by D.H. Lawrence which I had missed and relished it tucked under Tylers comforter.

Jorge Figueroa arrived the next morning from Bahia, Brazil and we caught up on all the new ventures he is striking at. Farming in Bahia, a grape seed oil he is trying to produce in Chile and a new love there too by the name of Pilar. He is such a nice nice man; funny that he has stayed linked to the family since the mid 1970's. I guess he's part of the family now since her's living with Martin up in the canyon now too.

It's only Monday and I miss my Bill so much and Freddy is missing for two days now. Oh, well, every day has it's surprises. The ZNE poetry group has come up with some really funny poems lately and I'm glad I have been able to contribute something in spite of my dazed and confused state.

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