Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's not so bad after all

Already Wednesday and just waiting for the job calls to come in. I have sent out a few applications and resumes yet no calls. I wonder if it's my age. They probably imagine that at 52 I look like a dowdy, plump, grey haired spinster and just go on to the next one. I must stay strong and focused and believe in myself. Getting back into the "real" world is scary but I have soooooo many qualifications in spite of my artsyness that someone is bound to spot me in the crowd.
In the meantime, what have I done to make my life peaceful and joyous? Plant, plant, plant living things. I started some more container pots with chives, lemongrass and coleus and today I will get to work on the basil, salvia and coreopsis.

Freddy is missing. we miss him so much. all his friends have come looking for him, linger around the garden for a while and realize he's not here. His girlfriend also came looking for him last night. Where are you Freddy?
And sewing. I made another Cornwall Cottage with white felt and embroidery. I love these. I think I'll make a Shakespeare cottage next and continue with my painting. I also signed up for a fabric ATC swap and made a pink and white ATC for Miss Frugality in England.

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Claudia said...

Qué edad ni q nada!! te van a llamar, ya verás. Yo nunca pongo mi edad, q ya tengo 39, porq sé q no me prepresenta realmente, me hago la loca simple y llanamente.
Me alegra leer q has tenido momentos de paz y dulzura entremedio de tanta desestructuración. Creo q lo vas a llevar bien, eres una mujer grande y llena de cosas buenas q entregar al mundo, cariño... tú tira palante!