Sunday, June 29, 2008

Digital ATCS

I just love this program(Photoscpae) Tyler introduced me to. It's wonderful. Yet it does take a long time to actually get to the point where you feel you have actually created something.

These dasy of creativity have been fantastic but I yearn for that early morning coffee on the run to get to work and seeing the world passing me by on the freeway and people everywhere.

I can definitely enjoy myself endlessly here; the garden has benefited immensly and so many freinds just popping out of the the Land of Facebook. Also an interesting friend from New York, his name is Peter. I've always liked that name. And he's a musician and guitar performer.

I will make a mosaic of all the friends re-entering my life.

I've been cooking a lot too; made the most delicious tri-tip with Tony Roma's sauce yesterday with "corbatitas" which you can only find in the Jewish aisle at the supermarket.

Reading, reading reading at night. Just finished My Darling Clementine about Clementine Churchill and switched to Sons and Lovers, that Lawrence novel I had never gotten around to reading yet. I also have Jefferson's biography still have read on the nightstand.

Yet, tomorrow is another day and that call must come. It must and it will.

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