Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Scent of Cinnamon and Cloves

November and December have been a frenzy. The year moves at a fairly normal pace until after Thanksgiving, my favorite day of the year. We lit the fireplace and family gathered at the Hughes' all love and warmth and simplicity. I don't know what happens after that; the whole ambiance in the air changes to frenzy. As much as I have vowed not to fall victim to the Christmas season, I always do. Yet, I can't just switch the lights off and skip the season altogether.

At least my lists are reasonable this year and Christmas cards were mailed on time. Funny thing, as I shop for sons and lovers, I always end up with a thing or two for myself that I've been craving. I guess I can get away with it by telling myself that is "lo
v ing myself" or taking care of "numero uno". ATC Collection over the years
Originally uploaded by peregrine blueAnd so, these framed ATCS are a product of years of collecting. I gave myself permission to buy the most expensive shadowbox to give them the respect they deserve. I was lucky to find Album Cover frames on sale so grabbed 3 of those too and framed my Jethro Tull and Joni Mitchell covers and ordered a classic Cream album to complete the third. I think Album Covers make the coolest artwork. There are some awesome covers over the years. I will take pictures of these later and include them here.

I have been working around the clock, too, fulfilling custom orders for etsy customers all over the world. Knitted three children's sweaters in chocolate, red and moss green shipping to Canada and made all sorts of neck warmers and cuffs too.

The house now smells of Cloves and Cinnamon and the mixer awaits the ingredients for homemade fudge and cookies, and we are in earnest for the 14th. Christmas Carol Concert at Padre Serra Catholic Church
As long as we keep the meaning of Christmas in focus, all should alright.


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Gaby Bee. said...

Your framed ATCs are truly wonderful! Great idea!