Wednesday, November 7, 2007

So much beauty out there in the world

The cure to Mediocrity is Curiosity; there is no cure for Curiosity. Adicta a Flickr donde encuentro miles y miles de maravillas. He decidido imprimir algunas paginas y hacer un diario de vida en vivo para dejarlo como recuerdo a mis hijos, nietos, amigos. Y un libro de poesias para amigos en el mundo con poemas de artistas que quizas nunca habrian encontrado.


chad-roscoe said...

Your spirit is beautiful, and I guess that makes your creations beautiful!
Thanks for stopping by to visit. Nothing much new here, just working a lot for the terrible $ instead of for the soul, but the money is for China, so maybe the work is for the heart?
In the photo I am on the far left at the back standing.
We loved your gifts; did you get my message about them?

oldflowers4me said...

i think beauty come's from the heart -but then you see it with your own eyes- i think im only half right-but our eyes see what we like- then our hearts tell our mind if we like things-