Monday, December 31, 2007


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So here they are, my New Years Resolutions. Number one on the list and probably the hardest to make public is
1 THOU SHALT NOT WHINE. It will be a hard one since I am quite a perfectionist and a doer so really get pissed off when people don't have initiative to make things happen and just show up for the show.
2 I SHALL LOVE MYSELF AND TAKE GOOD CARE OF MYSELF as in go and get that foot massage I've always wanted, get my toe nails done, get a facial once in a while, go to the hairdresser to dye my hair rather than do it myself, eat well, exercise more and think of caring for myself first. I tend to do everything for my children and significant other and then feel sorry for myself because I'm not reaping any of the benefits.
4 Focus on the Chile plan, draw lots of pictures of how I want my loft to be and make lists of possible restaurant/store area at the front including my best recipes for cooking.
5 GO TO CHILE this year no matter what
6 Continue ridding myself of clutter, craft supplies I will probably never get around to using and selling lots of the knick knacks I have that really serve me no purpose but to gather dust. Easier said than done.
ABOVE all to LOVE and Respect my CREATOR and all the wonder he has created, especially all my worldwide friends on FLICKR, ETSY and ZNE.


oldflowers4me said...

mmm- well said- hay ,happy new year- i hope you have heaps of magic in the new year-

Recy Vintage & Creations said...

I love No. 1!!! No. 2 is one of mine this year too... Extreme Self-Care, as I'm calling it. I've made up a list and everything. I really admire your No. 3 and wish I could do something similar about NYC or France. Now is not the time for me though. You are an inspiration though. :)

Karen Beth