Friday, December 21, 2007

Page from unknown Magazine

As chaotic as Christmas can be, it also slowly brings us back to the essentials. I can finally gather my thoughts and choose to bake brownies, go for a long walk, light the fireplace and watch an oldie, read some of those magazines i never have time to read, commit to some of those recipes and begin an inventory of the year.

Yes, there will be resolutions, not many but four or five. Most importantly it will be to focus in order to stick to them. How else can that dream deferred begin to unfurl?

Melancholy envelopes me when I stop to think of Chile. So so so many memories of that country I only began to touch on the surface. I will make an inventory of dreams to accomplish there too.

Wrapping up the year I choose to sing. Sing, "When I was 51, it was a very good year".

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