Monday, August 6, 2007

Paulina, my Heart & Soul are with you

Today was also a very sad day since I heard my Godmother's daughter, Laurita, born only a few weeks ago, died last Wednesday from Edward's Syndrome. I feel impotent to console her since she is so far away in Chile and secondly, because this is the second time she loses a child; Francisca was the first to die of SIDS many many years ago and she was blessed with 4 more children after her loss and she already had 6 who were older than Francisca. So of the 12 children, 10 are still living which is a miracle in itself because in Chile it's not that easy to make a living as a Film Producer which is what her husband Armando does to support the family. Here are a few of my favorite photographs of my favorite venerable family in the world as I know it.

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