Monday, August 6, 2007

Sometimes I sew, sometimes I knit, sometimes I glue, sometimes I assemble

One of the frustrating things for any artist, I think, is the mental block. Although my head is full of ideas and my notebooks are full of sketches and ideas I jot down (sometimes in the most unusual places), there are days when no matter how I try NOTHING comes of them. I feel barren, sterile, a pseudo-artist. Yet, there is nothing to do but to wait it out.

Last week was sort of like that with a brief interlude where I made a few altered tins after browsing through a Somerset Studio Magazine I believe and finding the work of Lisa Kaus which I instantly related to. And here they are and hopefully not offending her original idea.

A few of my previous altered art projects are here too before they end up in the labrynth of my PC.

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Cathy said...

These are all so beautiful. And you know I love being able to go from stitch to pen, to glue to whatever.... the creative life can wonder-filled, as you clearly demonstrate Cathy