Thursday, July 19, 2007

In Search of Feng Shui (NOT)

As much as I try to become a minimalist, there are just too many beautiful things in the world to pass by. Since moving into my smaller home, I have had to sift through literally hundreds of boxes large and small and sort things out. Then find a place for them and hopefully give them enough space so they stand out. In the process I have had to do away with many of my collections which I have slowly listed on etsy. To part with some of them hasn't been easy. The house had begun to look like a museum/bazaar and things were accumulating on the floor. I suddenly realized that clutter can really overwhelm a space and create mental confusion rather than serenity so I have started to read about the truth behind decorating around the notion of Feng Shui. I think I have narrowed my walls to the bare essentials. Most of my artwork has been purchased from fellow artists and they are my dearest possesions; each one has a soul of its own and speaks so much about the people who made them. I share them with you as an homage to the endless possibilities.

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oldflowers4me said...

hello darling girl- your world looks so yummy- is there really a feng shui- you have to put your bed the right way so your feet face somwhere- i read that once- but your photos look divine, singing and skipping-jo