Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Feeling Girly

Just came back from two days in Santa Barbara where I finally got to wear dresses and skirts for a change. At home it's mostly the comfortable capris and Ts. It just feels so good to go feminine. Came back all pumped up to put my hands to work some more after stopping in Carpinteria at one of my favorite fabric and yarn stores on the way. Also to find that I had sold quite a few items on etsy. GOD is soooooo good to me when I need HIM the most. One of the items sold was a winged heart I had made a few weeks back and although I like to make one of a kind items, I just had to make another. For display I used my all-purpose mannequin and it just looks so beautiful with all the other girly things I had pinned and wrapped around it. Poncho and scarves and vintage brooches. I wonder if on a winter's day I walked out wearing all of these together people would consider me crazy. I think they look so beautiful together.

And here are some of the girly fabrics and craft peraphernalia I picked up in Carp. Can't wait to play around with them.

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oldflowers4me said...

hello sweet girl- i just love the heart with wings necklace- very yummy- have you got a flickr ? there fun...you sound like you had fun when you where away- lala laa singing and skipping jo