Saturday, July 25, 2015

it's getting better all the time

it's been almost a month now. a month without him, a month re inventing myself, days filled with getting aquainted with my new environs, new neighbors, new everything. well, almost. 
tigo is here 
and so is jon,
 a short two week visit while claire is in north carolina. soon, the brother and sister in law will visit, bernardita too and then hopefully tatiana. in the meantime, reaching out to the community on facebook and instagram.
the place is quite breathtaking
and the weather ideal for a free spirit like me who loves to walk barefoot and scantily clad. 
i have begun to put the tuny house together, in layers, upstairs, downstairs and a little on the rooftop terrace. 
there is a prevalence of aqua and light blues; mexicans love color.
so i have tried to decorate around those colors
the mint green being a little trickier in the living room/dining room.
but i am one of those birds that must build a nest before i even begin. the lighting has to be right, the litchen inviting, the bathrooms spotless.
and i must have flowers. i've even thought of adopting a couple if budgies. i remember when in oaxaca how lovely jane's casa was with the bird cages; a couple of parrots and different colored budgies. they kind of fit here too. 
and then there's all that inspiration
cobblestone streets and restaurants at pueblo plaza to really get you going

but to be honest, most of my time has been spent outdoors, mostly on the beach

and discovering all the bays and beaches down the pacific coast
night and day

endless beauty in such a culture driven country
where hope springs eternal
i've even begun to apply the dress code as with this rebozo i improvised from a scarf i brought with me
this guy making me laugh hysterically
he's loving it soooooo much, my little beach bum
relishing the seafood bonanza

thankful, with an open heart even though my legs are still wobbly

and to think so many more adventures await 
as with this poetry summit coming up in 2026 where indigenous poets from all over the world will converge to honor our endangered planet
imagine that for starters


Lynn Holland said...

The healing process is looking beautiful xx

audrey said...

Every photo in this post is beautiful and filled with meaning. You are brave and you are strong. I love that you are out and about meeting new friends and seeing the sights around you. The beautiful ocean breeze and the vibrant colors of Mexico are stepping stones to healing. I imagine Richard would be pleased.
Your little place looks lovely and you are making it "home" with your creative decor and placement. I am SO happy that you have Tigo and that Jon is spending some time with you.
I think of you a lot.
Sending love.

irene said...

one jet lagged night, i came upon you. mesmerized, i scrolled, your insta gallery, reading and crying. finally, i told myself, sleep, you must sleep. for days, i was buoyed by your courage, the articulate way you express from the depths of your soul and by your acceptance of what life has offered you in the present moment. thank you for these gifts that have helped me think and rethink my own life.

Silvina {Enlunada} said...

Tenes un alma bella, profunda y fuerte... . Bello y conmovedor post!!. Tu arte y tu fe serán tu sanación y estoy segura que saldrás fortalecida. Mucha luz y bendidiones!!

Hettienne Grobler said...

I discovered your blog today! Thank you for sharing - it is a powerful act of healing that you are offering the world and myself