Sunday, January 4, 2015

i can't believe it's been over a month and a half. yet in another i can since it does turn out to be the be the busiest season of the year. and there have been comings and goings by Jon & Claire, Martín and family, Tatiana and the best of all, a new family member.

Tigo Magellan we have chosen to name him.
a puppy of the best kind: funny, quirky, friendly (loves children and other dogs), cuddly, warm and playful. we are crazy about him. 

and he loves going for his daily run in the park. 
he even lives to lie at my feet while i am in the studio, a daily ritual for me as much as snuggling.

ofcourse we have spoiled him a bit...well, quite a bit! but he has made us so happy since we adopted him at Thanksgiving. 
he's my shadow!

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