Wednesday, November 12, 2014

One Hundred Faces Project

i took the challenge
and so far, she's my pride and joy 
one hundred faces
so far so good
i'm trying to make them all as different as possible and using different mediums
most are frontal views since i am lousy at profiles 
it has taught me alot about myself and what i am capable of given a challenge
My favorite medium so far is the layering  of gesso and plain pencil for a scratchy look
which i used again in this painting of a simple vase
and then there are the inks
and the simplicity of sketching

more pencil

but here i am bragging about my faces when you should see some of the others my challengers are creating 
starting with my favorite by Robin Laws
Susan Buchanan
Jeanne Marie Webb
amazing huh?
60 more to go or so, yikes.


It's me said...

Wowwww this is great..! from me Ria...x!

lynne h said...

wow, constanza!! wonderful! i love them all!

thank you... you're inspiring me... : )


Maria said...

Such beautiful faces - I would love to see you create them!

Clare Lloyd said...

They are all stunning. Good luck with the next 60!

KathyB. said...

I used to sketch & draw all the time, but feeling I am not so spectacular, even very ordinary in my abilities I turned to fiber and needle art. I like your idea of drawing, painting, etc., 100 faces,it looks like challenging fun ! I have to say the first face you posted is my favorite.

I tried to connect with your blog awhile ago and every time I did my computer gave me an "error' screen, so I am very happy to see you again friend.