Saturday, May 18, 2013


after a terrible scare with the springs fire where we had to be evacuated from our home ans forced to stay at a hotel for a couple of days, things are pretty much back to normal.  may is a busy month; it is tatiana's birthday and richard celebrates a big one mid june.  so i've been in the midst of preparations, buying a piñata, preparing a raffle and games and getting estimates for catering.
clara's dress
i've also been working on setting up a reasonable work space for myself even though this remains our temporary home. we found the most charming shabby chest of drawers in one of Richard's old garages at hughes hill and i will finally have a place for my clothes other than a chair. 
funny how adapt to circumstances, i am perfectly content with the bare minimum as long as i have my art materials, plenty of coffee, access to netflix (i've been watching every english series ive missed) as i stitch away at a new series of mixed media dresses.

"memories of an english schoolgirl"

i'm totally enamored of several english mixed media fabric artists including gentlework and jessie chorley.  i had wanted to participate in one their coming workshops to take place in france but its absolutely filled up.
as you can see i have added one of jessie's signature bows to my birdie collage.
i love making these neo modern whimsical pieces, mixing vintage fabrics and adding a bit of whimsy by way of embroidery. 

hope your week has been creatively fruitful and happy and that spring has finally sprung; it sure feels like it's been late in arriving to the california coast.
hope to have more work to show you soon.


raquel said...

mme gusta tanto tu obra que no dejo de maravillarme es super bella disfruto de la misma sabes que luego de un día muy ocupado y ya me pongo a mirar tus creaciones y llenan de paz gracials un gran abrazo

Marcela para Colorin Colorado said...

OMG, Connie! How scary! we had only one episode with fires while I lived in the States: The Laguna Beach fires remember? Horrible! Glad you guys were able to go back home and that your art keeps being your refuge! said...

Hermosas creaciones, sos fantastica!!