Friday, May 31, 2013

gloria has challenged me to answer a few questions about my blog and what moves me and i will try my best to convey what it is that i enjoy most about blogging but also taking the time to mention the artists that most inspire me.

que te llevo a comenzar tu blog?
what inspired you to start your own blog?
i remember the first one i read, an Argentinian blog by the name of Bitacora de una Mujer Gorda, a hilarious soap opera about a middle class family. it was the first time i had heard the word blog. shortly thereafter, i began my own as a sort of journal, to keep a record of bits and pieces of my life. 

i believe fate brought me to it as with most of the blogs i love and follow, blogs that remind me that life is so interesting, that there are amazing people ALL over the world making a difference and adding their grains of wisdom.

que te aporta tener un blog?
what do you get out of having a blog?
ORDER, mental order.  as i said, its a sort of journal; it helps me to stay focused on what my true and higher purposes are. it allows me to sort through my photographs and poems and delete the ones that take up space.
above all, it brings me friendships from all over the globe.

planificas con mucha anticipacion los contenidos que vas a publicar?
do you plan ahead for what you are going to post?
not at all.  i live my week out, creating, taking pictures along the way and when i think i have something to share, i begin writing and sharing.

tienes alguna idea para tu blog?
do you have any new ideas for your blog?
the truth is, i haven't been blogging very much of late, distracted by other social media apps such as facebook, pinterest and tumblr. i would like to have another blog giveaway soon and a challenge such as the one marcela from colorin colorado had recently but my blog does not have a large following nor traffic so i feel i might be wasting my efforts.

cuanto tiempo dedicas a tu blog?
how much time do you dedicate to your blog?
i used to post just about every day,but now i limit my posts to once a week or bi-weekly.

cual es tu major momento del dia para crear?
what is your best time of the day to create?
DEFINITELY after sundown.  all is quiet, the phone doesn't ring, all the chores are finished, mouths fed and i can escape to my creative sanctuary.  

que lugar del mundo te gustaria conocer?
what part of the world would you like to visit?
st. ives, cornwall, devon, england, england, england, slovenia, poland and the parts of mexico i haven't visited yet.

READING, above all! i am an avid reader, and despair when i am about to finish a book.  i have literally thousands of books in my home.
walks in nature picking tiny flowers, stones, feathers, leafs and seashells, flea markets, art walks, gardening, embroidery and watching English shows, i am probably the world's greatest anglophile. i love all things BRITAIN.

and my special addition to the challenge?
my favorite contemporary artists
lynne hoppe
jude hill
mary stanley
cathy cullis
Sarah Jarrett
joanna pierotti
jessie chorley
Julie Arkell
nina bagley 

and elena nuez

Thank you soliloquiando por inviting me, i enjoy your blog thoroughly.


Mar said...

Mi Violeta Parra Californiana. Que bueno es conocerte mas aun. Me encanto la entrevista.
Love you hon and hope to see yah soon.

lynne h said...


the funny thing is that today i got an e-mail asking if i wanted to make someone a 'contact' on flickr. i clicked on the link to make that happen, and there was a *bunch* of your art!! so you have a big fan in this person! i was smiling so much to see your new art, and knew that i had to check my blog sidebar to see if you had a new post up; and you did... : )

i love what you do *so much*. these faces make me want to go paint right this minute. and since slowly the muse seems to be returning, i think i can... thank you for being you and inspiring me so much.

if you have a giveaway i will be a very happy person. : )



p.s. i now think (more than ever) that we are very much alike... : )

lynne h said...

i forgot to say, i am *honored* to have my name on this list...


marcela cavaglieri said...

JA! me alegra tanto que Gloria te haya invitado a participar y a contar, a hablar, por que hace un tiempo que andas corta de words pero no de ideas y a mi me gusta también leerte!!! Volvé abloguear más seguido, las otras redes, no son exactamente lo mismo y se te extraña!

Sonia Otero said...

Hace poco tiempo que conozco tu blog, pero me gusta lo que veo y leo aquí. Es un placer conocerte un poco más, tu día a día, tus intereses, tus sueños...

Gloria de Soliloquiando said...

Hola, hola, hola!!!Acá estoy, tarde pero seguro, y nuevamente practicando ingles jaja. Que cierto esto que decís de lograr una amistad, aun a la distancia y aun sin conocernos; el hecho de compartir nuestros mundos y nuestras experiencias, cuando se hace desde el corazón, lo hace posible. Tus pinturas tienen una personalidad avasallante. Seguiré paseando por acá, y espero verte por casa. Un beso

Katey said...

I decided to come read about the amazing artist I see on Instagram and I DO like you! I can see how we found each other through Nina. I love ALL things England and taking walks and gathering things such as you do. I loved reading the post and finding out more about you. I am happy to learn more and see your works of art. You are so talented. I love the nicknames Richard calls you. My hubby says, My Lady in his deepest Mr. Carson voice. I pressed some flowers for you today. Looking forward to seeing your pieces in person. Katey

Silvina {Enlunada} said...

Me encanta que tu blog está cada vez mas arty!!
tus damas pintadas son maravillosas! no solo por su belleza, sino porque siento que transmiten algo...
felicidades a todos los cumpleañeros!!

elena nuez said...

No me lo puedo creeeeeeeeer! Muchísimas gracias por incluirme en tu lista, viniendo de vos es un grandísimo honor para mi, admiro tu trabajo, ni te imaginas hasta que punto!
abrazo gigante desde Madrid