Sunday, April 28, 2013

To Paint is to Love Again

among my love of folk art, ancient and new, is my love of religious art, especially the sacred heart.  i had always wanted to paint one having embroidered and appliqued quite a few so far and this is what i envisioned. 
it came naturally to me, except for the hands which I struggled with and even then they turned out strange since they were supposed to be cupped but I guess at least they look like hands.
spring has been slow in arriving here in california, even the strawberries are late and we never miss a week of strawberries.
its the light of spring I miss the most, being able to take nature walks and paint outside, so it has been a life spent mainly indoors of late, always with those English shows in the background. 
I have been trying to define what it is I want to paint, but when I begin the paintbrushes tend to do their own thing. 

like what resulted with one of my tags.  she had started out as a braided indian woman.  since april is poetry month and somewhere in april books are celebrated, I decided to make her bookish instead. I love how she turned out, one of my favorites so far.
it is funny how my romantic side comes out sometimes and others my love of whimsy, others my latin roots, yet others my british roots as you can see from "the may queen" below.
these last two paintings are reflective of the things i love: bottles and cups, tables and chairs, dried flowers, windows and of course birds.

inspired by lynne hoppe i have begun a small sketch book to practice in although it has fast become a catch all for pressed flowers and leaves and small clippings i find on my daily walks.
this was the first entry
practicing the hands
as lynne pointed out not too long ago on her blog


Fran Traina said...

Hi!I come thru from InstaGram! I really love your work and the hands are just fine.Are you painting with gouache or acrylic? just curious. I'll be back to see more.Fran T (WeThree)

Fran Traina said...

I'm coming through from instagram:) I really love your work. Your hands are looking great. I especially like the table and chair paintings, oh heck I love it all:)) Fran T/WeThree

PeregrineBlue said...

Fran, I use gesso a lot, black and white. I also use water colors in some of my paintings over the gesso and then add more white gesso to pop out colors. I use Lot of acrylics also, water soluble pastels, inks and a very think ink pen for outlining. I will try to email you through I don't know if you will be checking back for this response.

Morna Crites-Moore * Wicked Waif said...

These are beautiful paintings ... It is a pleasure to read your blog. I used to paint, so long ago, and never pursued it enough to get good or develop my own voice. Sometimes I think about giving it a try again. But ...


nina said...

ah! yes. the first painting is the one I most remember. all of your work is lovely, lovely, lovely!

nina said...

maybe I'm leaving a double comment, I can't tell (stupid google!)... your work is all very lovely!

deb did it said...

I am so pulled into your heARTwork