Friday, June 5, 2009

what a world my sewing machine has opened up for me. for years i resented machine sewing much preferring hand sewing. but there are feels and looks that hand sewing cannot achieve and now realize there is a place for both. i am so happy playing around with all my stashes of fabrics and combining different elements. had been wanting to do this for very long but had not had the cash to buy a new sewing machine (the old one was just not user friendly and i broke over twn needles just trying to learn how to thread it). Costco carried one the last time i was there and just cloed my eyes and went for it. it comes with all sorts of stitches and a video to guide you through all the bobbin winding and needle threading. i have still not mastered the self-threading part but who cares, i just love it. and here are my first serious attempts at machine-sewn fabric collages. i chose my favorite colors ofcourse. hope you like it.

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