Thursday, June 25, 2009

So much going on, so little time, yet yesterday, in the middle of the day. at lunch to be precise, I made the time to meet a longstanding cyber friend who lives close to where I work. I never thought these encounters could actually happen. I have seen so many blog posts about people who finally meet after longstanding friendships online but never thought it could actually happen to me.

Dianne and I have been talking for over two years. She even helped me set up my blog back when I had a few appehensions and she has been an ardent follower of my work on etsy, buying several of my ATCs over the years. So yesterday, meeting her and seeing her beautiful eyes for the first time was such a gift to the senses.
We went to a 50s Cafe, a diner close to my work where we had hoped to drink milk shakes which we forgot to order. One hour was so not enough to get to know her. So much to talk about. I am still processing all the nuances I perceived from her. She showed up with the most beautiful bouquet of wild flowers and roses picked from her backyard. And ofcourse we talked about her Sophie, a soon-to-be-arriving baby from China she and Dave have adopted.
Ah, friendship, kindred spirits, new love flourishing.

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