Sunday, March 22, 2009

amid creating, reading, going to see the latest films ("The Class") and running around all over town mailing packages, i DO also, miraculously, make time to keep house (i hand wash my dishes), cook and tend to the garden with the occasional hike. last weekend andrea, martin and i took a long walk at the Upper Ranch where this years' crop of organic oranges are already on the trees and picked hundreds of tangerines. we stopped by the strawberry stand and bought this year's first crop of fresh strawberries.but after all is said and done, my life force remains creating

these are the Bustier/Corset collages I collaged for MAMMA this week. One I'm keeping, the others swapping.

Procrastination: My beauty mask with Nancy's recipe. I promise I'll get to it. My skin is really needing some nourishment.


Jan said...

Love the assorted mugs and the strawberries - can I come to tea please?!

el papou said...

J'aime bien vos créations.
Je passe sur le blog tout les jours.
Prendre une de votre création pour la modifier?
( photoshop)
Pour montrer sur mon blog (amateur)
avec MonaLisa.
Merci d'avance,
el papou

I like your creations.
I turn on the blog every day.
Take one of your creation to change?
To show on my blog (amateur)
MonaLisa with.
Thank you in advance,
el papou