Thursday, March 19, 2009

& I've opened a shop with them

although sales have been good, i have decided to try something new at LOLLISHOPS. i think rather than open a second shop on etsy, keeping some of my more "fanciful creations' separately will allow my shops to be tidier. eventually i will have to separte my vintage findings from my creations, but for now i will see how this works.

i have been a little saddened by news from England. Jan's daughter Rosie ill, Margaret's husband ill and having trouble breathing, my dear childhood friend Lucy unemployed, and the death of beautiful Natasha Richardson. thoughts and prayers multiplying and my heart is with them, i hope they feel that.

thank you all for your lovely comments on my past posts. i have not been very creative with words of late unlike some blogs where some master language and expression of ideas go hand in hand with the photography. but in an age that moves so fast, i guess lots of pictures tell a story too.


oldflowers4me said...

go girl-

Anonymous said...

beau blog , bien dynamique ; bravo ; martine

Shelly said...

Your artwork speaks volumes, Constanza. No additional words necessary.