Saturday, March 7, 2009

after all it is approaching spring. with Mamma's latest challenge being "in an english country garden" i have continued the series of hand embroidered atcs, first with a daisy, now a poppy and working on the bluebells.
in spite of an economy that continues tumbling, managing to list and sell a few items that i have gathered on my daily outings up and down the california coast in search of treasures. my shop is now over-stocked with all sorts of vintage finds, so take a peek, and happily have sold two of my own creations which has brought great joy and even a couple of tears.
yet my greatest finds are all the artwork my friends have been creating. every day i am more in awe at the array of work being created each and every minute.


Jan said...

Hi Connie - hope you are having a beautiful day!

I love all your little 'findings' There is nothing nicer than browsing a market or bric a brac shop. And your montage of bits and pieces is so interesting - I feel I want to pick them all up and look closer at them !

Your poppy is a work of art too - so clever to do that wonderful stitching by hand.

Anonymous said...

Que hermoso blog! Tienes mucho talento y te admiro por ello. Estoy tratando de expandir mis horizontes y empezar a elaborar ATCs, tus obras me han servido de inspiracion.
Regresare pronto!