Saturday, February 7, 2009

february has always been my favorite month. love the word, i love the season approaching yet not quite yet spring, i love its difference from every other month with its 28 days and that twist of 29 every four years. different, i have always followed different. february's gift has been three glorious days of rain and still more to come. ahhh... the smell of cleanliness, green hills, clover growing in the garden covered in raindrops=memories of england. so much so that i have now watched miss potter a total of four times; how i love that film. and mr. warne and his music box gift to beatrix. i will never ever tire of it. what an irony that she could not have him, they would have been so so happy together.
so here i am, cozying up to my warm hearth, sifting through my latest magazines and in a totally english state of mind. i made these darling little button holders with vintage backgrounds for a sewing basket and working on a couple of sepia fabric dolls inspired by Sandra Everston as well as completing MAD Mamma's paper doll. all is good with the world when nature is happy.

inevitably looking at photographs of cumbria and making plans to visit. there are three great authors who made their homes there so will wander from on to the other. dove cottage especially calls me due to its spectacular gardens. only the brits.

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Jan said...

Oh my gosh Connie - if you come to Cumbria please let me know. I must meet up with you.
Love your darling little button cards - what a sweet idea.
Did you get my message about the doll saying that I would like you to send it please if it is not too much trouble.