Monday, February 9, 2009

my baby is back from her five week trip to chile and we have spent the day chatting and exchanging giggles over all her stories, photos and videos. jon and i had missed her terribly since she is the vivacious one in the family, full of energy, very dramatic and so girly unlike mom and brother who are so introspective.

the week has been positive. i have finally begun to put some order and some structure into my daily routine (i was staying up way too late and really not taking much care about my closets and craft supplies. my little corner shop on etsy was also suffereing from neglect so i jump started it with lots of new items, doing pretty well over the last three days.

tati brought back a whole lot of antiques from my friend patti and have been sorting through buttons, old english tins, vintage kets and locks and little jewelry pieces. so much fun. i will take pictures tomorrow and psot all the wonderful items that came my way.

lots of reading, a biography of Jefferson this time after having read both Benjamin Franklin's and John Adam's. totally different perspective on the american independence, more a dreamer and an idealist than adams or franklin who were very much realistis and pragmatists. at the same time reading "Profiles in Courage" by John F. Kennedy on the courageous few who have sacrificed their careers in exchange for voting with their consciences when it came to very prickly issues in the Senate. loving them both simultaneously.
Tatiana at far left

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Jan said...

what a wonderful, happy picture. Daughters are precious and beautiful