Thursday, February 5, 2009

slowing down has brought me a new inner peace. i really needed that. the body is so wise in warning us when we're abusing it. so being gentle with myself has truly worked wonders these last two weeks.

it is raining here, heavily this morning, and i opened up the bedroom curtains and just stood there looking at it come down on the orange trees. what a gift; we have had so little rain in the last years so this is a blessing for California. i love it because it brings new sensations and the desire to light the fireplace, wrap a blanket around my legs and sit and watch a good oldie with a cup of coffee and a slice of apple pie a la mode. contentment, pure bliss.

we ventured out yesterday to the good old Oxnard Thrift Stores and then to Borders where i picked up the latest Somerset magazines (Sew Somerset & Somerset Life), luxuries at $14.99 a piece. The Stuffed Softies magazine was out too but just couldn't buy 3. Somerset has about 10 different magazines at this point and I can't decide which I like the best, the're all so filled with ME. I love Artful Blogging too and have a few back issues of that. so back to thrift store where i found an amazing celluloid Tyrolean doll. she's a keeper. i'll have some pictures of her up soon.

after reading them last night with Fred Astaire dancing in the background, I was on an e-bay binge after years not visiting that site other than to sell. all kinds of miniature dolls i need to make a panel i saw in Somerset made with different sized canvases flipped backwards. where is MAMMA when I need her to spank me and send me to my room? o many ideas popping into my head right now so i had to put a stop to it by exercising self-control. the problem with e-bay is that you're there to shop for one thing and it's a labyrinth and you end up bidding on ALL the things you ever dreamed of. DANGEROUS! still have a few more items i'm bidding on and they all seem to be religious items totally unrealted to what i had intended. my collection of religious items is now up to over 100 items.

here are some of my eccentricities. isn't Toto the clown a true find?

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Jan said...

What wonderful finds. I HAVE to look on e-Bay for anything I want because we are isolated here and have no other outlet but, as you say, it is DANGEROUS!! Coincidentally, I too was looking for miniature dolls only yesterday and saw some frozen Charlotte pieces from Germany. Very pretty little things and I was extremely tempted but was STRONG ( for the time being anyway!!) I may well go back and look again!
Have a beautiful day.