Saturday, October 6, 2007


September was spent mainly cleaning out closets and taking inventory of what is really important in my life and (Huichol Sun) where I would like to go from here. Costa Rica for one and then a two or three month trip to Chile to visit my Mother and all my friends: Paty Alonso Marambio, Titi, Paulina and Armando, Petra, Anita, Tania, Jenny, Alfredo and Maria Esther, Mariela and my Nanny, Rosita and her husband Beto. So much nostalgia- for Vichuquen and Frutillar, the scent of eucalyptus and the dirt roads in the south.

My art, too, mutating to a truer expression of myself. I have just fallen in love with fabric art and textile art and have returned to embroidery joining a knitting group in Camarillo that meets twice a month at Palermo Coffee Shop. I am determinded to strive for excellence. Too many years of financial pressure made me create for the market rather than what I really liked and I am now focused on taking the time to find time to make larger pieces and frame them professionally. I have found so much inspiration on Flickr where there are thousands of works by similar artists to draw from. Cannot believe the talent out there.

ZNE has also injected new energy into its netwrok thanks to Chelise and friendships have arisen out of the ashes. I joined a Raw Art forum in hopes of talking about how we work with objects non-vintage or store bought to begin a piece.

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chad-roscoe said...

it looks beautiful!
it's nice tojourney to who you are.