Wednesday, October 17, 2007

For Tomorrow May Rain So I'll Follow the Sun

So much going on these days. I have discovered this amazing artist from Portugal who works with crochet and felt and embellishes her pieces with vintage plastic kitsch. Her name is Maria Kjo; I discovered her on Flickr. She inspired me so much that I altered a black velvet bolero jacket by crocheting layered cuffs and in bell bottom shape and hand sewing them to the sleeves. I am now working on a very thin detail for the collar to bring the piece together.

Also just devouring Eric Clapton (I wish literally since I have had an aching crush on him for eons), actually his autobiography I ran to buy on Saturday and found the last copy in the store. I just can't put it down. I love the black and white portrait on the dust jacket; you can feel his eyes. There I go devouring him again. It seems strange how one can platonically be in love with someone you don't even know but somehow know you have some connection with. Well anyone who has heard him sing Old Love tell me if I'm imagining things. I can think of only two other blues songs that touch me as much: Gary Moore's Parisian Walkways and Still Got the Blues for You.

Also happy I got a custom order from Spain for one of my doll's beds. I made it in red this time also with a handknit crochet border blanket and alphabet comforter in red and white.

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