Friday, October 26, 2007

Childhood Memories

I find myself wanting to regress to my childhood fantasies. As I little girl I had a large windowsill in our London flat which I converted into a house for my trolls. I used to make chests of drawers with matchboxes and beds out of the larger ones. With the curtains drawn, they had their own little world in there with a much better view than I did at night since they could see the moon and stars. I dreamt of living in a tree house or in a giant toadstool converted to house surrounded by nature and befriending animals. Maybe it was all those Ladybug books my mother used to read to me when I was sick or my falling in love with The Wind in the Willows which Claudio and Paula took us to see. Mummy and I used to sew together on days off from school since I was a sickly child and still remember this blue corduroy mouse we put together with a shoe lace as the tail. It is one of my favorite childhood memories. It was non-stop for me making my own toys, doll houses and furniture after watching her sew on the machine and knit my brother and I matching sweaters. I remember also spending hours brushing my dolls' hair and making all sorts of buns on them and was bitterly sad when our dog Sebastian chewed off one of my dolls' feet. I proceeded to make some red knitted boots for her so you couldn't tell she was maimed.
So it's no wonder I made this felt and crochet gnome house today. Now all I need is one of Jo's Fairy Cakes.


oldflowers4me said...

im sorry that i havent been to visit-ive been playing house- all our foxgloves are out and im in heaven- now you can make a fairy cake-its just flower? and water mixed together-like thick play dough-spray your cake tins- put dough in the cake tins- but remember to flatern out the tops-cook for a long time on a low heat in the oven say 2 hours- you will know when its cooked- and when its cold- i used plaster as the icing- then when that was dried i painted it my best color of the la jo anderson..p.s dont for get to put your lip gloss on...

Debra said...

Such lovely memories! (except the one with Sebastian of course!!)
Oh sweet gnome house, it's lovely to make something from the heart and have some real meaning to it for you!
Thanks for visiting me also :-)