Monday, February 8, 2016

the artist's way

lots of creativity going on at 846 & 1/2 which is what i call my art studio. 
this embroidery (in progress) was inspired by melodie stacey aka maidolls. i love both her embroidery and her paintings. 
this little darling is a flipped transfer from a teabag just rubbed on while still wet onto a puece if wrapping paper
just a groovy watercolor face in my art journal
more stitching
i've been finding old pieces and adding or subtracting and finally framing a few
as in this applique
mixed media handstitched necklaces
and a gabdstitched cuff
it's been fun re finding my art in boxes that had been in storage during the mexico sojourn. 
every day i stop for a little sketch or something or other. mopping the floor doesn't quite define me. 

there's always some stitching going on. the thing is to finish quite a few works in progress. then there's the what do i do with them? 
scribbles and dibbles



Mary Stanley said...

Will be so good to see you this Saturday at Whimsy! We will have fun stitching up some hearts! Please bring your sweet sewing kit and any beads, buttons, charms and tiny photos you may want to use! See you soon! xoxoxo mary

Rhonda said...

I enjoyed this post so much, as your hands were pulled in many directions. Lovely pieces of art that should be celebrated.