Thursday, March 13, 2014

at last, a room of my own

a room of my own, well almost since it will also serve as a guest room. a sunlit room
my play room, my imaginary world, my own crafty museum

a room for all the crafty goodies out there; sticky ones, mushy ones, wooden, paper, fabric, wooly even mineral ones to go wild with.

the only thing lacking is the worktable; my maestro keeps putting it off. no worries, plenty to keep me busy with needle and thread....
as you can see from this vintage inspired needlebook i worked on for two twilight evenings in the company of james and helen herriot and sigfried and tristan of "all creatures great and small".
and then sticking to the commitment to finish all the unfinished while new ideas whirl into my brain from all those wonderful photos i run into on kindred blogs.  

of late
Sarah Moon and Christine of Gentlework
and ellen benson who i met in oaxaca
who makes the most fabulous dumpster divas as she calls them.
oaxaca is still in my veins
as i continue to explore their love of religious art
one of my inexplicable loves too since my father was an agnostic and my mother a non-practicing catholic.

and in between, i make small getaways to the ranch to pick blood oranges
and feathers and mysterious shards of pottery
and stops at the local fruit stands
for strawberries, avicados and fresh flowers.
life is one long string of little knots of beauty.


audrey said...

Your room is gorgeous, Constanza! It is a blessing to have a room to call your own to do what you want with. You have many beautiful works of art hanging in your room and it is bright and cheery and I can't wait to see all the creations that come out of that room.
I, too, have a room I call my studio. I sometimes feel like it is almost childlike because I have so much stuff hanging everywhere and color color color all over the place. But, I'm a believer in the old saying "surround yourself with the things you love."
I wish you many hours of joy making beautiful art in your room!!!
I am happy for you, my friend!
xo Audrey

Priti.Lisa said...

Ahhh,,,how calm and love-ly...your room and your happy art and your photos...wonderful!
And I agree:
life IS one long string of little knots of beauty.
♥ ♥ ♥

PeregrineBlue said...

Thank you Lisa, enjoying our new home so much. Finally more settled, stable, and balanced. So much to look forward to in the garden as well since Spring is peeking its sunnyside here.

Marcela para Colorin Colorado said...

A beautiful room to keep you going!

audrey said...
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~*~Patty S said...

You had me with your Rumi seeking quote ♥
Thank you for a peek into your beautiful world...your art space looks magical and your way of making marks with needle and thread and more is enchanting/enchanted!
Thank you for visiting my Magpie's Nest...
Happy Spring to you

alejandra said...

Que bella entrada, y que lindo tu propio cuarto, cuantas cosas!, y todas ellas tan bellas,