Sunday, January 26, 2014

downstairs, upstairs

i'd almost forgotten how to blog and almost entirely forgotten how to edit my's been all about the move for the past two months. hopefully, our last ever since we bought this time.  my first ever own home.  it still seems like a dream.

we have focused most of our energy on the downstairs for now, three large rooms including the kitchen and the guest bathroom mainly because it is close to the garage where all the boxes are stashed. 

filled with light, i love coming downstairs in the morning to make breakfast and look out onto the garden from the kitchen window. that garden that awaits me come spring where i will spend most of my time.
putting it all together is still a work in progress.  i have always believed a home takes time to come alive and become imbued with the essence of its owners.  in the beginning everything looks static so adding flowers or a plant slowly starts to breath life into all the corners.

 one of my favorite flowers grows everywhere in the garden!
my favorite santo doll
i love mixing the old with the new.  some of these items have been in the family for three or four generations.

no time to garden yet other than watering
guest bathroom door
very very very old bread box
two small photographs from our trip to argentina
 displayed next to my folk art floral painting
natural collections everywhere, this one near the fireplace



Marcela para Colorin Colorado said...

Hi Connie!!! me encantó visitar tu nueva y definitiva (we can always hope!!!) casa, cada rinconcito tiene una impronta Connie muy especial aunque estoy segura que algunas cosas moverás de lugar con el tiempo, una vez que empieces realmente a vivirla, siempre pasa no? Me imagino lo feliz y cansada al mismo tiempo que debes estar pero vale la pena, no hay nada como el proceso de "nesting". Todo lo mejor para Ustedes!!!!! ♥

It's me said...

Wowww love your decoratings darling !!..and your banner is also amazing !!!...lovely week love Ria...x !

audrey said...

Constanza, your home is a work of art in progress. What you have accomplished so far is beautiful. I can feel the warmth and coziness that makes your home breath. You love so many of the things that I do that it is a joy to see your placement of them.
You are going to have many years of joy filling this home with love.
Happy Birthday!!!
xxoo audrey

kathyd said...

your home looks beautiful ! love seeing all your work .