Monday, December 9, 2013

it's been all about handmade gifts the past few weeks and random acts of kindness
this doll was made especially for my friend mary stanley who lives in nearby santa barbara

and this one will go to a little girl named Ida who i met through a friend on instagram

and this lass is on her way to holland also to an instagram friend
i have truly enjoyed the art of doll making, something new for me.
i even made a house on wheels.  i just love this "let's play" phase i'm going through.

and christmas approaches faster than i would like
this year we decided on a small vignette in the living room as we await our move.
the new house is getting spiffed up with hardwood floors, new windows and new ceilings so it remains empty a little longer. 
i also signed up for gritty jane's 40 portraits challenge and, although far behind, have managed to contribute with a few of my portraits on brown shipping tags at least. it always surprises me how each face wants to come alive in it's own special way.  all are so so different from each other.

i titled this one "thoroughly british"

my favorite, ofcourse, is my portrait of nina bagley's dog 
the incomparable "walter"
i have matted and framed him and he will be on his way to nina as a gift to be hung at heartrock hill,
her cabin in north carolina. sweet thing, it will be hard to part with you but we know where you truly belong.

may this season find you all focused on the things that matter


Priti.Lisa said...

What a delicious post,
I loved every bit...dolls an faces and a house on wheels :)
And a quote by one of my favorite wordsmiths...happy,happy!

Penhallow Street said...

A beautiful mix of images--and your dolls are charming.

Jill said...

Oh gosh! Your work is so engaging. I love it all!

lynne h said...

oh constanza, oh my... how i do love everything here. you have a way of making everything so perfectly endearing. so perfectly wonderful! as much as i love the dolls, the faces on tags pull at my heart strings even a little more. they are priceless...

thank you for all of this inspiration.


Fran aka Redondowriter said...

I just sent you an e-mail and have bookmarked your site. I wish you were sharing your portraits on Rebecca's site. Why not join us the past two days?

Sherri B. said...

Your work is so lovely - it makes my heart sing. Thank you for sharing!

susanbuchanan said...

Mary Stanley is my friend too! I hope to see her soon…also hope she brings her new dolly! Your work is so lovely.


Wishing you a beautiful holiday blessed with good health, happiness & all the love you could dream of. I love all the magic you create. Xo laura

eli said...

Connie! vos amás tu etapa de jugar y yo amo tus muñecas!

Manuela Tinoco said...

loooove... wish you a great 2014